Branding VS Marketing: We own Marketing and you own your Brand 

Branding and marketing come hand in hand, but ultimately they are different. They have similar general goals and frequently collaborate to achieve them, they each have unique roles and objectives. Understanding the differences is crucial to master your business – both branding and marketing are critical to the success of your company, and being strong on all sides will set your business on the right track.  

You could be forgiven for assuming that marketing comes first because it promotes sales and gives the brand its initial traction. The marketing messaging, on the other hand, are derived directly from the brand and its strategy. 

Only after the brand has been developed and a defined brand strategy in place to guide brand expression does marketing actually come into play! 

Let’s take a short dive into each of them: 

Marketing can be defined as a marketing strategy used by a corporation to advertise its products or services. The basic purpose of marketing is to build interest in a product or service. Marketing is a series of activities aimed at communicating a company’s benefits and what it has to offer to its target customers. 

Marketing can take many various shapes and cost varied amounts of money based on the number of potential clients each activity can reach. To create and maintain a successful marketing strategy, a company must first figure out what message it wants to send and who it wants to send it to. 

  • Search Engine Optimisation is marketing. 
  • Promotional Emails are marketing. 
  • Content Promotion is marketing. 

In comparison to marketing, branding is more internalised. It’s all about figuring out who you and your business are. The success of your marketing activities and your business in general hinges on the definition of your brand. 

Your brand’s qualities, such as your name and logo, should easily identify your company to customers and set you apart from competitors. Taking it a step further, the colours and fonts you use will become part of your brand. Clear, succinct, and consistent branding is required for a good relationship with your customers. Consistency in all parts of your brand will help you gain recognition and pave the way to a good reputation. 

  • When you post a tweet on your business profile, you’re branding. 
  • When you tell a story, you’re branding. 
  • When you use your logo and colours, you’re branding. 


If your brand is your business message, your marketing is the megaphone. It’s the tools you use to amplify what makes you special. Having a strong branding foundation in place from the start will help your marketing efforts the most. This will help marketers to promote the products and services while also showcasing the brand’s attributes. People will be more familiar with the brand and what it represents. A solid marketing effort can yield a maximum return if you have effective branding in place. 

Whether you’re posting content on social media or sending email marketing campaigns to your audience, your image needs to be consistent. Think about what kind of language and typography you need to use, which colors are unique to your brand, and how often you should use your logo in your marketing methods. 

Remember that as your business grows, so should your branding and marketing priorities. It’s critical to be true to your brand’s principles while still being open to new ideas and marketing strategies. To stay ahead of the competition, you’ll need to study, adapt, and optimise your plan on a regular basis – and you can’t go wrong with professional assistance. 

Here is where marketing experts like Supercharge Lab step in. From helping you to build your brand’s voice and presence, to marketing for sales and transactions. Social media marketing, digital advertising, and content crreation are all part of our end-to-end branding and marketing services.. For a holistic approach to enhancing your online presence and sales, we also work on your web design, perform audits and craft search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. 

While you start your brand out, we are the ones that amplify it to establish a robust online presence. Marketing grabs your audience’s attention, and branding is the one that keeps it.