By Anne Cheng

This Supercharge Original comes a little late — what with the flurry of activities that Supercharge Lab has been going through in the past couple of months. Supercharge Lab was incorporated on International Women’s Day, 2020, an important date for a women-led business. Two of our co-founders are women — Sondra Padlo, our Chief of Staff, and me, the CEO of the company.

I am grateful for the journey over the past year. We started from a consulting company that did not know what we were consulting about in the construction space, and evolved into a cognitive AI company, designing cutting-edge corporate solutions that add value to all our customers and their bottom lines.

Through the past year, we spent six months ideating and creating a product-market fit, then launching our fully managed Sales as a Service Alpha program to the market in September 2020. While off to a subdued start, we have since served over 100 clients and delivered over $80M worth of sales on behalf of our clients and are averaging a 75% renewal rate amongst existing clients.

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We recently opened our seed financing round to institutional investors and are looking forward to scaling the company and deepening our footprint. We are developing our second product, Marketing Strategy as a Service, and will launch our Alpha MSaaS program in the next few months.

We’ve grown the team to eight and there will be at least 11 by the middle of this year, and 25 by the end of the year. We look forward to scaling our operations across America and Asia and have ambitious growth targets in 2021. We are looking to scale our sales to serve over a thousand SMBs within this year and go for market domination by 2024; in three years’ time.

Looking back on the past twelve months of Supercharging Work for our clients, I can only be thankful for the love and support of my peers, colleagues, friends, and family who have stood by us and helped us along the way.

Supercharge Lab’s Future

In the next twelve months, we are looking forward to:

  1. Raising the bar on excellence through our hiring of outstanding Superchargers to deliver value to our stakeholders.
  2. Launching at least one new solution and testing the market to de-risk over-reliance on a singular business line.
  3. Deepening our footprint with our first product, Sales as a Service, by serving at least 1,000 campaigns over 2021 and growing our MRR by five times.
  4. Growing a more balanced footprint across the Americas and Asia, serving all time zones across our increasingly connected world.
  5. Turning our flywheel, increasing our energy, and delivering excellence in everything that we do, in order to make this world a better place through being a student of human behavior.
  6. Continuing to delight the people who support us — our customers, by maintaining a high retention and renewal rate, and always working backward from what the customer wants to know for what to build next.

With a changing world, the delivery of vaccines, and a world emerging from a long dark cloud, 2021 is a year of hope and light. I wish every one of you who has been here for us just that — hope and light for a better tomorrow.