The human connection is something difficult to define, but once you have experienced it, it energizes you, empowers you to move forward, and excites you. As part of the work that I do with Supercharge Lab, I am a student of human connectivity — of the psychology and behaviors behind the human connection, and what creates it.

I have often thought about what makes up charisma and how some people instantly are able to connect with others on a deeply personal and professional level. This article delves into a few ways in which you can connect with just about anyone.

Tips for Making Connections

First, unhinge yourself from your preconceived notions — do not judge. Oftentimes, it is easy to have an “us” and “them” mindset, but it is where one is open to learning, truly humble to say that you don’t know everything, that it becomes easy for another to open themselves up to you.

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Believe in serendipity — the unexpected or unintentional happening of good things to good people. If you have the intention to bring good to the people around you, you will likely attract goodness as well.

Tell your story with the human at the heart of it. I frequently see that in the business world, we are obsessed with data and analytics, but forget that at the heart of every business is the human being. Telling your story from a human perspective will always help you to connect one on one with your audience.

Start from a positive emotive state. Being open, starting from a positive emotive state helps you to connect on a deeper level, and helps you learn new information and knowledge from your counterpart.

Finally, and most importantly, be present. There is a story where a man asks a sage — “who is the most important person” and the sage says — “the person you’re with”. When conversing with another person, try being absolutely present, focused on the person before you, and caring about his or her story. You will be surprised at how much you learn and connect with the other person.

What does human connectivity mean to you?