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With artificial intelligence penetrating all forms of industries, it’s no surprise that education is one of them. Dr Terry Farris from American Heritage College believes that artificial intelligence helps to assess and evaluate where any individual is in their learning experience. It does not need to take over the role of educators and facilitators, but it is used to enhance their journey and help both student and teacher to learn more about each other.

If you are one of the many individuals across the globe that is unhappy with your job, unemployed, underemployed, or generally lost your way and don’t know where to start, American Heritage College offers you brand new opportunities. American Heritage College coaches individuals about additional skillsets necessary for new opportunities in their careers. They have multiple courses available, ranging from business to medical fields, and they actively offer consultation sessions for absolutely free. They believe in choosing the right path for your career, and are glad to assist you!

#AI makes this possible.

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