Redefining marketing through Sigmund

Supercharge Lab recently launched its rebranded solution, Sigmund. Sigmund, our core Artificial Intelligence engine, analyzes human approaches to decision-making and applies it to your messaging, improving the results you need.
As humans, we often leave traces of ourselves all over the internet, through how we write – not what we write. What we write is essentially driven by our perceived audience and message, but how we write is predominantly driven by the “voice inside our heads” – the way we take in information in order to trigger specific behaviors.

Sigmund takes in these information nuggets, or what we call breadcrumbs, and we create psychological profiles that help us craft relevant and impactful messages that resonate with your target audiences, through outbound social media messaging, emails, ad copy, or even the way you present yourself on your website with psychological marketing.

The applications here are vast – Sigmund, while currently applied to sales and marketing automation, can be applied to customer success, onboarding, human resource functions including hiring, training and development, financial compliance functions including fraud detection and automated compliance reporting – the list goes on.
Sigmund, with its marketing hat on, is able to redefine the way marketing is currently being done, through three data-driven strategies –

1. Personalization at Scale

Through the creation of advanced targeting attributes, businesses can understand their clients in ways that they’ve never dreamed possible – not just through existing transaction data, but through the understanding of what information is required for their clients to make decisions to discover, engage, and transact. Through the analysis of firstly, publicly available data, and secondly, data and nuances in text-based contextual information throughout the customer journey, businesses can engage with their audiences like never before, in a way that is personalized and relevant to each individual. Beyond personalization, AI can reach out to your audience one-on-one, at scale, and at speed.

2. Audience insights

Artificial Intelligence has grown in its applications, being able to take multiple forms of input data – audio, video, and images, and bring contextualization to the forefront. Companies today are working to apply context to traditional input data – tone of voice, facial cues in video, the list is endless. By applying contextual information and understanding emotive states, AI, now more than ever, can drive marketing outcomes that were never deemed possible in the past.

Applied to customer success, onboarding and feedback loops can serve organizations through intelligence analytics and the ability to identify opportunities for growth that would be previously unseen or undetected. Taking the data from feedback loops and applying it in intelligent manners, we’ve seen successful case studies where large scale B2C brands have been able to drive outcomes that improve organizational bottom lines significantly.

3. Automated content and conversation creation

The frustrating thing about sales and marketing is the amount of time and effort it takes to create high-quality and personalized content and conversations. Through conversational AI and automation, the pain in content creation can be significantly alleviated.

Supercharge Lab’s Sigmund does exactly all of the above, helping brands and B2B companies drive outcomes through its cognitive AI sales and marketing automation, and insights generation.

To find out more information about Sigmund and implications in AI marketing and sales, or to sign up today, please find a time on Anne’s calendar at