Sigmund Sales

Sigmund Sales is our automated lead generation solution that helps to scale growth.

Lead Generation

Sigmund Sales automates the targeting of the right audience on LinkedIn and email, sending out psychologically optimized messages to your specific target market and automating responses to interested parties

    Lead Scoring

      Step 1: Input Data

      Our lead scoring process starts by gathering information from various sources, creating a complete profile for each potential lead.

      Step 2: Process Data

      Analyze and identify patterns to assign scores to each lead based on their behavior and attributes. 

      Step 3: Output Data

      Leads are categorized into different segments based on their score so you can focus on the leads that are most likely to convert.

      Who Is This for?

      • Startups fundraising
      • Enterprise sales
      • Corporate recruiting

      Sigmund Sales is our automated lead generation solution that helps to scale growth. It has been applied in the following ways:

      • Startups fundraising
      • Enterprise sales
      • Corporate recruiting

      Sigmund Sales automates the targeting of the right audience on LinkedIn and email, sending out psychologically optimized messages to your specific target market and automating responses to interested parties.

      The Sigmund Digital Audit solution was built to help make sense of large datasets, that included information about your brand’s current position in the digital sphere, benchmarked against that of your competitors. We take the following information into consideration:

      • Ideal customer profiles and their psychological triggers
      • Brand voice
      • Page performance, including UI and technical SEO opportunities
      • Page authority
      • Branded and organic keywords and search terms
      • Audience analytics, including demographics, location, volume, bounce rates, sources, attribution
      • Advertising (across search and social)
      • Content (across search and social)
      • Backlinks and referrals

      Sigmund’s Digital Audit tool provides immersive visualization of data and provides recommendations for both immediate and long-term performance in the digital landscape.

      Performance marketing is an online advertising model where advertisers launch experiments to identify their best audiences, creatives, and campaign mechanics that drive the highest advertising performance.

      It is also sometimes called biddable media or PPC advertising. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click advertising as you usually pay every time someone clicks on your ads. This model is usually opposed to earned or owned advertising where you can use a platform to push your content for free i.e. Facebook or LinkedIn posts.

      The Sigmund Campaign Optimizer launches multiple performance marketing experiments using a variety of data-driven modeling frameworks including Marketing Mix Modeling, Multi-variate testing, AB testing, and Incrementality to drive outcomes for our brand clients. Publishing to nine platforms that include Google, Apple (iTunes), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok, this solution helps brands to manage their budgets, performance, and attribution of outcomes across a variety of platforms.

      Sigmund’s AI-powered content and image generator tools create SEO and social media optimized content designed to engage your audience by taking into consideration the cognitive styles and psychological profiles of your target audience. The Sigmund Content Generator generates blogs, technical whitepapers, evergreen articles, tweets, hashtags, and uniquely designed graphics in a matter of seconds, and exports them directly into your content calendar for your approval and feedback. Sigmund’s Content Generator supports the following formats:

      • Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter posts, including branded and trending hashtag and graphics creation
      • Blogs and articles for engagement, published to LinkedIn or your website
      • Technical whitepapers, case studies, and “evergreen” articles, designed for lead generation
      • Product listings for global eCommerce platforms for mobile and web optimization and driving conversions

      Our solutions are completely “done-for-you”, and include publishing, design, and access to calendars for approvals and feedback.

      Supercharge Lab creates beautifully crafted emails to engage and convert your existing audiences. Our email marketing solution is powered by Sigmund Content Generator, and aids in the creation of:
      • Email banners
      • Content
      • CTAs
      • Lead capture lists

        Sigmund SEO Wizard drives outcomes specifically for technical SEO work. The SEO Wizard performs the following tasks:

        • Minification of excess javascript/ CSS
        • Removal of 300/400/500 errors
        • Blocked from crawling
        • Duplicate title tag
        • Duplicate content
        • Pages not crawled
        • Duplicate meta descriptions
        • Hreflang conflicts within page source code
        • Links lead to HTTP pages for HTTPS site
        • Structured data that contains markup errors
        • Title element is too long
        • Missing h1
        • Multiple h1 tags
        • Duplicate content in h1 and title
        • Missing meta description
        • Missing ALT attributes
        • Low text to HTML ratio
        • Missing hreflang and lang attributes
        • Low word count
        • Nofollow attributes in internal links
        • Sitemap.xml not specified in robots.txt
        • Sitemap.xml not found
        • Nofollow attributes in external links
        • Pages with only one internal link
        • Links with no anchor text
        • Links with non-descriptive anchor text

        Weekly reports are provided to our clients that track the reduction and removal of these said issues.

        Supercharge Lab assists in the overall rebranding and refreshing of websites, digital platforms, and custom solutions. Through the Sigmund Funnel Generator, we provide the following solutions:

        • Landing pages with complete funnels
        • WordPress custom themes
        • AB Testing capabilities
        • Form creators
        • Integration with CRMs and backend SQL databases

        A Cognitive Analytical Engine

        Gains complex business insight & take action to help organization to optimize performance in sales, marketing and more.

        How does Ask Sigmund work?
        Ask Sigmund utilizes AI/ML techniques to help bridge the gap between abundant data and the need to make a real-time decision

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