Journey through the evolution of thought that helped us create Supercharge Lab’s Sigmund AI, the research and experiments that formed our thesis.

Product Development 101

Many companies start the product development process by creating a prototype of their product. However, this is not the only…

The State of eCommerce in 2022

The eCommerce market has changed dramatically in recent years, and it will continue to change in 2022. With growing client expectations and obstacles in the supply chain, eCommerce…

Audience Solutions with Sigmund 

Any marketer’s ability to identify and understand the wants and needs of their target audience is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign. Accurate audience identification allows… 

Applications of Ask Sigmund to the
BFSI Industry

In the world of finance, predictive analytics can be used to predict factors such as stock prices, interest rates and even bankruptcy. There are a number of different methods that can be used for predictive analytics in finance. One popular approach is machine…

A vision for Sigmund

We at Supercharge Lab talk often about Sigmund, but do our customers really know who Sigmund is? Is Sigmund a person with personality, or a mere AI marketing engine with multiple moving parts? The answer is that Sigmund was birthed in the mind, conjectured as a dream…



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