Get to know our Dream Team, featuring Abel, Customer Success Manager at Supercharge Lab!

Hailing from Sabah, Malaysia, Abel is the resident Customer Success Manager here at Supercharge Lab. Abel takes care of our customer base here at Supercharge Lab, and ensures that each of them are successful in their marketing efforts. With an eye for design and a witty personality, he constantly keeps the team in high spirits.

He works closely with our CEO, Anne, to develop a long-term vision and strategy to drive clients acquisition. He creates pitches, documents, and collaterals to win new business on the daily. Plus, he works to ensure retention and satisfaction of all assigned clients in Supercharge Lab.

Off work, Abel enjoys working out at the gym and exploring new food places to eat. His favourite sweat is strength training, and enjoys a good cup of matcha everyday.

Learn more about Abel and what he does here at Supercharge Lab in his dream team video here: