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Felix Oen, Co-founder and CEO of TikaHealth, demonstrates the ways that artificial intelligence is changing the future of healthcare for the good. Specifically, he focuses on the importance of converging forces of innovation and digitization across the industry. At Supercharge Lab, we work with professionals and organizations in various industry to ensure that best practices in Artificial Intelligence cut away the waste in efficiency, allowing companies to grow and customers to feel safe and secure in their relationships with these professionals. Nowhere, perhaps, is this more important than in the healthcare industry, where people can feel especially vulnerable to keeping their own health records and history safe and private.

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TikaHealth: Optimizing Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare

Felix believes that patient experiences and organizational outcomes will depend largely on the capabilities of AI to bring benefits to patients and clinicians by eliminating uncertainties, and making large-scale data analysis possible. AI eliminates uncertainty by streamlining various processes in the healthcare practices around the world–including in homes and villages in underserved communities.

TikaHealth has ambitious plans to provide centralized immunization records that are accessible to the patient, healthcare provider, and public health authorities in real time. Each immunization will be tracked through the supply chain and into the arm of the patient. They will be built on the premise that the public is engaged and informed about the immunization process beyond their interaction with their primary care provider, and that they will be a contributor and auditor of the immunization data contained in the repository. As such, TikaHealth is at the forefront of what is possible in a more radically democratic relationship between artificial intelligence and healthcare.